Hey there! I’m Samantha.     



If you hang out with me long enough, you can call me Sam. 

After being in the fashion industry, I found myself on construction  sites and fell in love with all things dirt and design. I had spent my career  hunting for high-end fashion for a fraction of a price, and I quickly recognized a  gap in the residential design industry. So, I traded my Pradas for a hammer and started Lucien Porter  Design Co.  

I know you want to know where the cool name came from, right? My current  business partner was swimming in a swamp in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.  No, he’s not my ex-boyfriend. He’s a dog! After living through Katrina, I needed  a little light and hope. Lucien in French means “light”. Our path lead us from  NOLA to Nashville where he met his BFF Porter. And with that, I had a business  named Lucien Porter Design Co. 

Many years of fashion-savvy combined with a contractor’s license means I’m  able to use a bespoke approach to new construction, a custom home build,  renovations, and commercial build-outs.

Although I’m based in Nashville, TN, our projects can be found from the East  Coast to the West coast. 


Our Services

From custom tile layouts and hand selected character pieces each home we design is brought to life through our signature Lucien Porter Design process.

We take home design one step further by focusing on the unique client vision and making the details luxurious and timeless





Full custom home design selections 



Small room renovations or home addition




Builder & Developer design selections 

We'd love to know about your home project. Send us a note to connect for your home design needs. Let's create together!



Let's Create Together!

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